I was bored and it meant it was time to make some reaction gifs. Feel free to use! Also I’m gonna make a zip file that contains all of my reaction gifs and post it soon :)

Hmm, I haven’t been on in a little bit so have some gore!







Like I’m 10 years old all over again…



Originally posted on my main blog, but was removed from YouTube. Decided to set up a dedicated blog for it, so reblogging from there!

So I really wanted to show exactly how amazing and faithful the new Sailor Moon Crystal was. This is what I put together! This is my shot-by-shot comparison of the first episode versus the original manga. It is the entire first episode, minus the opening and ending credits.

Details are in the video description, but I wanted to mention that I wanted to showcase the artwork and shot design, rather than the dialogue or word bubbles, so I cropped out what wasn’t being directly compared. I’m also SUPER overthinking this.

Anyway, enjoy! Credits for all materials used are in the video description

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twd meme - 7 episodes
5/7 (3.04) killer within

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The cast films Season 5, Episode 1